Our Garden – June 19 2019 – Zucchini and Watermelon

Since mid April I have planted seeds, pulled weeds, monitored for pests and diseases, and waited to harvest. I have harvested little bits so far but the due time to really reap is getting closer! My highlights this week include harvesting my first zucchini (ever) and seeing a sugar baby watermelon develop (also first ever). I’ll show you those as well as other plants progressing (or in some cases not) in our garden. I’ll also share what I did with that zucchini.

My repotted volunteer tomato plant is out performing all the other tomato planting attempts so far! My cherry 100 seeds have been attacked left and right but this unplanned grape tomato is nearly 3 feet tall! I cut a couple stems for rooting to see if I can get more plants from it.

Here’s where I snipped:

Cucumbers and peas. I’ve picked 4 pea pods and they were delicious. Peas don’t love hot weather so I may resow them in the fall. The cucumber plant is looking pretty good.

The yellow squash plant failed badly after a hard rain so I made more holes in the container and seeded some carrots. The zucchini plant is still doing well and I harvested our first zucchini. I cut it into coins and made zucchini parmigiana 😋 and it was delicious!

I’m happy with my purple sweet potato vines and these new grow bags. I also have lettuce and arugula started. See my link of resources so you can check them out.

Peppers–the Serrano’s are producing!

Beans, ginger, carrots (we may harvest the carrots next week):

ANNDD…. the first watermelon! I planted this one from a 25 cent seed packet from Dollar Tree! I wonder how many watermelons I can get from this 25 cent investment? I may have to keep track for fun. Maybe in a future season I’ll challenge myself to make the cheapest yet most productive garden to date.

It’s so cute!

Until next time,



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