Here are some nifty resources I use in my garden that you might like in yours. Affiliate links may be included and sure do help me out at no extra cost to you. Thanks for checking them out!

My Favorite Health and Beauty Items:

I’m a BeneYou Consultant because I personally use and love these items that benefit my wellness and you’ll love them too! My favs include nail wraps and a superantioxidant elderberry drink called CoreAO.

Safe Organic Pest Control Go-Tos:

Neem Oil


Dr. Bonner’s Peppermint Soap


Live Ladybugs!


My Favorite Books

Carrots Love Tomatoes


Easy Container Combos: Vegetables and Flowers


Soil Amendments:

Worm Castings

Slow Release Flower and Vegetable Fertilizer

Peat Moss

Course Vermiculite