Our Garden – June 19 2019 – Zucchini and Watermelon

I wonder how many watermelon I will get from my 25 cent investment?


My Spring/Summer Seedlings Are Emerging

It's April 2019 in Zone B and my seedlings are emerging! I love how spring is full of hope as the beginnings of new plants break through the soil and grow a little more each day. If my seed packets are correct, I may begin harvesting food from these tiny seedlings as early as June! … Continue reading My Spring/Summer Seedlings Are Emerging

Succession Planting in our Garden in December 2018

Usually by December I've gone on a hiatus from gardening and taken up crafting and seed catalog browsing. This year, I did the crafting (and my hands are ready to take a break from tight toy crocheting) but I've turned my attention to succession planting. Here's a look around our garden in zone 8b on … Continue reading Succession Planting in our Garden in December 2018