Our Garden – June 12 2019 – A Bountiful Harvest is Coming

For this week’s update I decided that rather than showing you the full garden tour (see last tour here) I will show you some big highlights.

Our sugar baby watermelon plant has flowers! Grow watermelons grow!

A salad pot of Arugula, lettuce, and chives is sprouting what will be “cut and come again” salad! Since it’s a hot summer these cool season plants are in a semi shady spot.

Serrano pepper plants are loaded with blooms, buds, and the first few peppers. I’m monitoring closely for mites, aphids, and hornworms to prevent losing these awesome yield that’s about to happen!

The yellow squash plant died with the rains but the zucchini is looking beautiful and thriving. Like clockwork according to the seed packet, it has its first female flower bud so I expect a zucchini in a week or so.

Bean plants are growing nicely in spite of chewing pests on the leaves.

Lastly, here’s my favorite sweet potato vine! It’s gorgeous and growing so fast now 😍

I hope you enjoy this update and be on the lookout for more content on my YouTube channel. Thanks for visiting my blog! Keep growing 😉


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