Our Garden – May 15 2019 What a Difference a Month Can Make

To think most of these plants were tiny seeds one month ago (with a few exceptions) and now they are several inches tall! Planting seeds is certainly an act of faith and a powerful illustration of what small efforts can produce over time. So let’s look around at the garden as of today.

Sunflowers and cucumbers were sprouted in our windowsill and today I moved them to the back porch in the shade where they will rest for two days. This process is called “hardening off” and it will allow the fragile plants to acclimate to outdoor temperatures before they go into full sun.


Sophia’s coneflower seedlings:


Serrano peppers with violas:


Garden bean, black beans, and lentils:




Marigolds snd potatoes are good companions but I’m not sure how much room the marigold roots leave the potatoes. I’m trying it anyway as I got 15 small potatoes the other day.

Serrano Peppers , Nasturtiums, tomatillos:

What’s left of the corn:

Future home to cucumbers, sunflowers, and more:

Jalapeño and Bell Pepper seedlings plus my wildflowers on my front porch ❤️

Today I’ll add basil, eggplant, and okra seeds into the garden. Let’s see if they’re up by next week! I do think I will buy okra transplants though to get a jump start on harvesting.

Until next time….

You can see a tour of this garden on YouTube!

My Garden Tour

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