Our Garden – May 22 2019 – New Growth And New VIDEO

Welcome back to my humble backyard garden. Many of my plants that were sown around April 13 are growing and thriving, a few seedlings failed, new seeds were planted, purple sweet potato vines were planted (video), and I’m watering heavily to keep up with these drought conditions in zone 8b.

Here’s a look around.

^ Sweet potato vine in a grow bag!

^ Zucchini plant!

^ I spy another volunteer tomato plant. This one is under the zucchini so I think I’ll let it be for now as the zucchini plant will likely shade it out and keep it small. Later the zucchini plant may die and there will be a plant underneath to rise up. Maybe! If they compete for nutrients, one will have to go. For now, it’s fine.

^ Sugar baby watermelon!

^ Beans!

^ Carrots!

^ This is the late bed where I drove out the ants. The cucumber and sunflower plants died. I have sown heat loving plant seeds. If nothing sprouts in a week and a half, I will improvise with plant starts from a local nursery. The seeds sown are okra, moneymaker tomato, bell pepper, jalapeño, eggplant, and basil. Great companions that can take the heat!

^ Peas and a cucumber.

^ Cilantro, tarragon, avocado

^ Serrano peppers, tomatillos, nasturtiums, snd another sweet potato vine.

^ A volunteer tomato plant that I pulled from the rock mulch and repotted. It is stressed but alive. Maybe I get a free plant? Maybe it dies and I put something else there? Time will tell.

^ Persian lime!

Over on my YouTube channel I have uploaded a new video. I’ll show you how I planted the sweet potato vine. Please hit the like button on my video to make it more visible and consider subscribing. I hope to make the videos better and better as I go!

Until next time…


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