Harvesting Potatoes, Finding “Volunteer Veggies”, Thinning, and Transplanting (5.13.19)

It’s May 13, 2019 in Zone 8b and I decided my potato vine was dead enough for me to check and see what’s under the soil. The think about root vegetables, especially potatoes, is that you never know what’s beneath the soil.

Side note: it’s good to have a daily time to walk the garden and observe. You can often catch problems before they become bigger problems. Like the bugs underneath this leaf. One was a flea beetle.

I digress, it was a modest harvest from this container. Most potatoes were tiny but I did get 15 from the one I buried a few months ago. I replanted done tiny ones as seed potatoes and washed the rest.

There is a multitude of marigold volunteers everywhere such as the ones around these watermelon seedlings. They will have to be thinned to leave plenty of root space for the vegetable plants. I have a good place to move a few of them to.

Plants can be shocked and not recover from being uprooted and replanted but sometimes it works. I didn’t feel bad trying because they need to be pulled anyway and if they do survive it’ll be like getting free plants. I put one marigold seedling in each pot with Serrano peppers and tomatillos.

Plus, speaking of the tomatillos, one of these was a transplanted volunteer from the rock mulch and after more than a day it has perked up! My tomatillo seedlings are tiny but this one had a head start… on accident!

Here are some more volunteer tomatillos growing on my rock mulch…

Eggplant? Also a volunteer…

There’s some destructive caterpillars; but they are only on a weed. I’ll move them before they find the plants I really care about.

And what happened to my corn?

I’m betting a squirrel shredded the leaves! He dumped them a couple feet away.

So those were my tasks today. I think when you maintain a garden after a few seasons, there are more and more surprises. Thank you for letting me share them with you!

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