A Companion Planting At Play and More on the Way – May 2019

I’m a big fan of the book Carrots Love Tomatoes and refer to it multiple times throughout the growing season for companion planting ideas. Companion planting is the strategy of placing plants next to each other that tend to grow harmoniously. Some vegetable and flower plants repel bugs, others bring out an improved flavor and production in their neighbors, while others hinder each other. I’ll probably revisit this topic but for now I’ll show you the current companions.

Below are emerging pea seedlings with an onion plant. The onion had a flower and I left it because I wanted to collect the seeds but a new onion growth is emerging. The onion will have to go as it hinders peas. Cucumbers on the other hand are happy with peas so I’ll likely place one of my cucumber transplants right there.

I moved the onion next to the zucchini because they are good companions. I thinned the zucchini plants down to one so there will be more room to grow.

This companion was unintentional but worked out great. I planted the seed potato in this pot in the winter and the marigold must’ve reseeded. These two are good companions.

Peppers get along well with lots of annual flowers.

Lastly I have volunteers between my rocks. Can you guess what they are?

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