Don’t Blame Your Beige Thumb!

Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement. -C.S. LewisWhen I talk to others about gardening I normally get one of two responses. The first is one of enthusiasm: "Oh I like gardening too. Right now I am growing (insert plant name here)." The other response is, "I just don't have a green thumb." … Continue reading Don’t Blame Your Beige Thumb!

Sweet Shy Flowers Are a Treat

The flower that smells the sweetest is shy and lowly. -William Wordsworth Some of nature's daintiest flowers produce the most delicious and beneficial foods. Other flowers which are simply pretty to look at, provide pollen so that other flowers, fruits, and vegetables can be more plentiful. Some simple flowers act as great defenders, assistants, hostesses, … Continue reading Sweet Shy Flowers Are a Treat

Friend or Foe? Stay off the Poblano!

Heat  not a furnace for your foe so hot that it do singe yourself. -William Shakespeare Yesterday, in the Garden I finally decided to transplant my Poblano Seedlings into the grow box. I waited a long time to plant them due to my looming fears that the tiny tender seedlings would be devoured in one night by a slug, … Continue reading Friend or Foe? Stay off the Poblano!

The Difference Between Surviving and Flourishing

Hibiscus flowers do not require water, the blooms will stay viable until their time has passed, with or without watering. When we moved into this house, my friend told me that the small bushes that were planted in front of the house were Hibiscus bushes. I was very excited about having Hibiscus bushes in … Continue reading The Difference Between Surviving and Flourishing