Our Garden – May 29 2019 – Pollinating Squash And Other Updates

Welcome to my weekly update here in the garden blog. As of this morning my first female squash flower opened so I used a Qtip to manually pollinate the flower to ensure pollination and production. I also have new seedlings emerging, new transplants in failed spots, and more growth throughout. Let me show you around!

^yellow squash plants. See my YouTube Video pollinating these here.

^My Cherry 100 seedlings were not hardened off properly and wilted in this heat we’ve been having in zone 8b. So I bought a yellow pear tomato transplant to go in on one side of the planter and direct sowed cherry 100 tomato seeds on the other side. A Cherry 100 seedling emerged and a yellow pear tomato plant is making up lost time from failed seedlings.

^peas and cucumber looked stressed but still truck along. I’m going to try to get them to succeed but if and when they die I’ll likely place a sweet potato vine in this place. We will see.

^zucchini appears to have female blooms on their way

^Purple sweet potato




^ okra, peppers, and basil seedlings have emerged. Hopefully eggplant seedlings will also be up soon. The net seems to have kept digging pests out.

^ cilantro, tarragon, avocado. Notice the thicker cilantro plant? It is a transplant while the others are from seed. I want cilantro in my kitchen now so it was worth it.

^serrano peppers and tomatillo

^ a volunteer tomato, bell peppers, jalapeño peppers. One failed, the rest are okay.

^my succulent garden 😍

If you’re liking these weekly tours, let me know. I’d love to hear from you. Also, check out mr YouTube channel. Until next time, keep going and keep growing.


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