Our Garden – May 8 2019 Plants Are Growing and So Is…

In the last post I shared how my backyard vegetable plants were doing May 1 and now is like to share how they look one week later. I also noticed some chew holes in my Serrano Pepper plants. I wasn’t sure which pest was doing the damage but today the mystery was solved.

Here’s a view of my container garden.

Here are the peas and I think I already see pods forming.

Carrots–these crowded seedlings as well as others will continue to be thinned as they grow.

Cilantro seedlings are emerging nicely in two pots.

Hello Summer Squash!

The fun part about potatoes is how you never know what’s under the soil. Maybe there’s 3. Maybe there’s 30? We will see.

Nasturtiums- which are edible flowers that are practically a super food and may improve eyesight. I have one successful seedling.

Seemingly undisturbed Serrano pepper plants are looking okay.

Tomatillo seedling:

Zucchini plants–there should be just one in this spot but I can’t choose.

Watermelon seedlings have another set of leaves emerging among marigold volunteers.

The one garden bean plant is coming along great!

Here are the disturbed Serrano plants. Notice the holes? “What has disturbed them?” You might wonder. Well..

Notice the pellets on top of the lower leaves? Look just above that spot.

It’s the same color as the plant but it’s shape is out of place when you look really closely. It has the tell tell horn.

It’s not just a hungry little caterpillar. It’s a hornworm. If left to get big, it will eat all the leaves and flowers off if this pepper plant and it will even eat through a whole pepper. It got evicted after this photo and dropped into a cup of soap water.

Another one was found but it wasn’t alive. Maybe the neem oil spray from the day before didn’t agree with it.

Since last year the hornworms were busy in my garden, I approached this topic a few times:

How You Can Identify a Hornworm Problem Before You Spot the Worm

Using a Blacklight to Find “Hard to Spot” Pests in the Garden

I Found A Way To Stay On Top Of The Hornworm Problem

Lastly, I have corn plants. I’ve never had success growing corn but you know what they say?

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again!

They also say “insanity is doing the same thing again and expecting different results”.

In any case I’m trying!

Maybe I’ll be back with a more comprehensive post on keeping pests out if the garden. For now I’ll just say the best habit I’ve developed is walking the garden and inspecting everything for a few minutes every morning. It’s a great way to stay on top of potential problems before they get a threshold. It’s also the best time if day to be outside. It does my heart and mind good.

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