My Spring/Summer Seedlings Are Emerging

It’s April 2019 in Zone B and my seedlings are emerging! I love how spring is full of hope as the beginnings of new plants break through the soil and grow a little more each day. If my seed packets are correct, I may begin harvesting food from these tiny seedlings as early as June!

Let me show you around…

This is Zucchini and will be my first experience growing one.

Here come carrots! Soon they will be thinned for better growth.

These are Serrano pepper transplants from a local nursery. They are intermixed with violas and speckled lettuce (which won’t be there much longer). Peppers get along with small annual flowers and these are very large pots. Normally I’d only have one pepper per pot but I’m comfortable trying 2 in this one. I once had a grow-box with 8 pepper plants and they were extremely productive.

Summer Squash is also a first time grower for me and I can’t wait to see this get large!

Peas are the prettiest seedlings. Soon to be thinned…

Cilantro seeds are coming up!

Hello sugar baby watermelon!

Cherry 100 tomato seedlings are emerging and I am so excited. They are great producers, says everyone that has tried them. Reusing these drink cups with holes on the bottom and lids on the top has been one of my most successful seed starting methods. It’s like a miniature greenhouse!

I also have Jalepenos sprouting! Most of my outdoor direct sowed seeds are tolerant of cool evening temperatures but to be safe I’m getting a jump start in my peppers and tomatoes inside because they love heat. I also plan to exercise succession planting so as peas or carrots are harvested I may replace them with a heat living vegetable plant.

Lastly there are cucumber and sunflower seedlings emerging! My daughter is tending these in her schoolroom window.

This potato plant that is cascading over the edge of this pot is losing its green lushness day by day. Soon it will look dead and I’ll be able to pull the vines to reveal what’s underneath! Perhaps it will be an ideal spot for one of the cherry 100 plants.

I’ll be sure to update soon with more plant progress and a potato harvest! If you’d like tips or ideas on anything garden related I can address them in a future post so please leave me a comment. I hope you’re having fun in your garden too!

🌶 Marissa

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