Let’s see how the garden overwintered and plan for spring!

I abandoned my little garden for 2+ winter months in warmish zone 8b with a few cool season veggies left planted and summer veggies left to die. Meanwhile I’ve been dreaming and planning for spring and I am so excited about my goals for this year. First I’ll show you some pictures from around my kitchen garden and then I’ll share with you this years goals for greater food production.

Volunteer weeds, lettuce, and citronella

Carrots are ready for harvest!

Ever bearing strawberries around lots of onions and garlic. Last season the goal was to rid ants with lots of garlic plantings.


The kale is flowering to create seeds which I’ll collect for next fall.

Lots of potato vines. They will be ready to harvest after the vines die.

Avocado seedlings overwintered! This crowded arrangement is probably “the wrong way” but I’m trying for a bush instead of a lanky tree. It is an experiment.

The Persian lime was hardy! There are limes on the way!

So long last years peppers. Time to refresh these pots.

Mint! Need I say more?

Oregano and thyme

What’s left of cilantro.

Here are the goals for this spring:

1. Harvest carrots and replant seeds in a different container.

2. Remove spent plants and make room for new plants/seeds.

3. Refresh soil with store bought compost and amazon bought vermiculite and peat moss.

4. Select productive seed varieties and use the succession planting methods to increase vegetable yields (I want to grow MORE Food in my small space).

I look forward to my goals for spring and will certainly share my carrot harvest in an upcoming post. I would also like to share my gardening on YouTube so look out for that!

Happy Spring!

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