We harvested our first ever sweet potatoes!

Earlier this year, I saw how a gardener had harvested nearly 30 sweet potatoes from 1 sweet potato planted in the garden bed. I was inspired! I planted a sweet potato in a pot in my mother’s garden!

We started with a potato that was growing slips. We slightly covered it with soil low in the container. As the slips grew leaves, we covered the stems. We continued until we got to the top of the container. It has grown lush gorgeous vines! As of this week, she reports that the vine died so we will soon check to see how many potatoes are in that container!

I came home and planted 2 sweet potatoes in my own large container the same way. It grew and grew. It got attacked by bugs. It started to look lanky. I asked some other gardeners and they told me, “your container looks crowded. How many slips did you plant? There should be no more than 2.” I explained that I planted 2 potatoes. Each “slip” is merely one of many shoots that sprout from the potato.

Well, oops!

So this mid October I dumped our container into the kitty pool to harvest the sweet potatoes.

We got 11 tiny sweet potatoes…

I pulled 2 “slips” from the vine and replanted them.

They are regrowing beautifully.

This isn’t exactly the season for them but we have noting to lose so let’s see how they do. It is a warm region here in 8b. I can’t confirm what chewed the holes in the leaves so if you have any ideas, leave me a comment!

Also, I made tiny pies. One purple sweet potato pie, one orange sweet potato pie. Happy fall y’all!

In the near future you will see the new slip’s progress on my new YouTube channel! I can’t wait! Stay tuned!

And hopefully next year, planting one slip will produce greater yields. Like I’ll get a normal sized pie next time 😂😂😂.

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