The Season is Changing, So I got to Work Harvesting and Storing

Where is November going? This season is changing way too quickly for me! The other day I trimmed up some stressed summer plants to see if they could give me just a little BIT more before the colder temps set in and now it’s going to be Thanksgiving Week and Jack Frost is nipping away. We are also getting a soaking cold rain! So I went into my garden to see what I can harvest before it gets too cold and before I get busy with holiday visits. Here’s what I did.

I harvested all of the peppers. I have noticed the ones in that first picture had yellow leaves all season no matter what I did so after Thanksgiving I’m going to clean up that planter and check the drainage. It may have stayed too wet. If it gets too cold the peppers and tomatoes will turn to mush.

My tomato plants seem to be looking so wonderful for this time of year. If it doesn’t get too cold they may give me a bit more so I picked many tomatoes but left a few to see if they get a chance to ripen. The tomatillos however have not been happy. This is another container that I will completely refresh after Thanksgiving and I’m going to check the drainage holes to see if they are adequate. Maybe that will explain the yellowing.

I have one okra plant that is still alive, just barely, and these plants went through an awful lot with ants and aphids. I didn’t get to this today, but by tomorrow I’d like to pull up this okra plant and leave room for the strawberries to spread. The purple flower is an eggplant and it has many blooms. It was a great summer producer for me and I’ve heard it said that they produce well in the fall. So I’ll wait and see what these do for me. A couple of the plants in the other bed died back and I pulled them but this one is still going.

This is my first time growing broccoli and they are still little but I thought I’d harvest them so they don’t seed while I’m busy with Thanksgiving. I simply clipped them, blanched them in boiling then cold water, pat them dry, and then I put them in a freezer bag. They will work well in a curry later.

I harvested ALL of the basil because basil does not like cold AT all. I was letting them go to seed but I wasn’t able to retrieve many seeds. I probably should’ve let them dry a bit longer. As for the newest leaves, I washed them and blended them with butter. I then placed the basil butter into an ice cube tray and will transfer the cubes to a freezer bag. Then I’ll have basil for sauce and soup during the winter and it will taste fresh and buttery.

The Lima bean leaves still look like shredder has been slashing them (moth caterpillars), but I harvested a couple more bean pods and sowed 3 more seeds in this planter (a black bean, a navy bean, and a pinto bean). Spinach and green onions will do just fine as will mint and several other hardy herbs.

Some poblanos went into tonight’s chili, some were dried with other chili peppers to make into a seasoning powder, and a few will be used for stuffed peppers.

But the craziest thing happened today. My dehydrator QUIT! I couldn’t believe it. So, the peppers are now in the oven on low finishing drying (hopefully). It has been quite a busy day and now I’ll be in the market for a new dehydrator.

I’m also working on a very exciting project. It turns out, you’re about to hear from me more consistently in this blog AND I’m coming soon to YOUTUBE!

Do you want to see my videos on YouTube? I’ll keep you posted in the near future. Thank you for checking out my garden. Soon I have some catch up posts for you, like that time I harvested the tiniest sweet potatoes ever. So stay tuned!

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