My $4 DIY Night Bug Trap

In my last post I discussed a new strategy I have for keeping the hornworms in check. (See I Found a Way to Stay On Top Of The Hornworm Problem) Well the war I’m waging on all sorts of moth caterpillars continues. Now I hunt for new eggs and destructive little caterpillars on the leaves of my vegetable plants every morning. As quickly as these pests multiply, I started to wonder if I could do something about the moths to slow this leaf eating freight train down.

I had an idea.

The dollar tree often has solar lights, that work, for $1! Moths fly towards light at night. Solar lights are powered by the sun and pop on automatically.

Bugs are drawn to water. When said water has soap in it, they stop moving. Could I draw moths to soapy water with a light near it?

Several google searches would say, “yes”.

So I came up with an idea for trap using Dollar Tree materials. Each trap cost about $3.25 in materials and I made three to place around all my nightshade plants. Here is it:


Solar lights

Vases to hold lights

Planters or containers WITHOUT holes

Optional: rocks for weight

How to:

Remove labels

Place rocks in vases for weight

Place lights in vases

Place vases in containers

Backfill containers with soapy water

For the three traps I spent $9 and the DIY took me 3 minutes. The next morning I checked to see how it worked.

I didn’t see any moths but it did catch bugs. I’ll keep trying and I’m sure it would be easy to tweak this design or move the traps around. I’m still hopeful I’ll land a Hawk Moth in this trap to slow the hornworm reproduction!

Next time I’ll share with you how the black light (my affiliate link*) works for hunting them at night!

*affiliate links maybe included as I participate in the Amazon Associates program. I may earn a small commission if you shop the link at no extra cost to you. Thank you!

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