Ladybug Raising: Beneficial Gardening Meets Early Education

It is early in the gardening season but, oh no, I’ve already spotted the damage.

Several leaves are getting spotty. It could be aphids, or spider mites, or white flies…oh my! I need to call in reinforcements!


Take a look at what happened after I found a lady bug in the back of my yard and placed it next to some affected plants:


2 days later:


I’m a believer. Ladybugs are legit.


The other week I saw some lady bugs for sale at a local store and released them in our garden. It was only a few dollars and it was fun. They say the drawback is that the lady bugs will fly away in search for food rather than staying in your garden. The benefit is that if their food sources (pests that happen to damage your plants) are around, they will eat. Without the help of lady bugs I could be spritzing and spraying under every leaf of every affected plant every day so even if their presence is temporary, they may make my job a whole lot easier. Plus they are so cute and entertain my daughter. So why not buy a few lady bugs from time to time?


I searched my usual go-to convenience shop, Amazon, and there are several options that come right to your door. I choose two:

Ladybug Land

150 Live Ladybugs

Plus I got a book about their life cycles.

My daughter and I have read the book together and you know I learned a few things in that short informational text. I didn’t realize ladybugs went through about as many phases as butterflies. It was also interesting to learn about how they deal with Aphid problems.

The 150 live ladybugs gets right to my mission at hand—deploy those aphid eating machines! As one gardener reviewed, “That’s a lot of ladybugs!” I also thought, I’d be getting an awful lot of ladybugs for the price of neem oil or insecticidal soap so it’s worth it.

As for Ladybug Land, it comes from an educational company and the kit allows you to receive ladybug larvae, a container to keep them in with a food source and a place for drops of water. This kit will not provide as many ladybugs, but it will give you an experience. If I were gardening on my own, I may be content to read about ladybug facts and get the live ones at a reasonable price. Since I’m sharing the experience with my daughter, a live science activity is gold. So there went a few extra dollars to try out lady bug land and guess what else? It comes with online resources and a voucher to order in more ladybug larvae. So we may raise them again later in the growing season if it’s feasible.

So far I am very pleased with the kit and plan on writing a full review after we’ve finished our project. I’m looking forward to sharing our experience with you. Oh the joys of organic gardening!

Links to conveniently get your own:

150 Live Ladybugs – Good Bugs – Ladybugs – Guaranteed Live Delivery!

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