We Planted Lima Beans For Memory Sake

I must have been about 10 years old when I learned what a Lima Bean was and tasted it after picking it right off an organic vine in my Grandpa’s backyard garden. Little did I know how these brief childhood experiences would impact me for a lifetime. 

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I never would’ve considered myself as someone with a “Green Thumb” until other people started giving me that title while I kept my first balcony garden as a newly wed. Honestly I just thought our fresh salsa obsession was getting expensive so I tried growing tomatoes and cilantro. Next it was Rosemary. Soon my balcony and front door entrance were lined with pots and every dinner guest wanted to admire our salsa garden. I became hooked.


Now that I have a little one, she has to be along for the ride. She has no choice. But she loves it. She knows about bugs, caterpillars, lizards, frogs, butterflies, and how plants grow. She can correctly identify several vegetable plants. She is only 3 and she knows so much natural science already by experiencing it herself. She has become willing to eat certain vegetables because she grows them. It’s a win.


So this year we started Lima Beans. It’s a garden veggie you don’t always find in the produce department. It’s a treat to be able to taste what a bean is like fresh as opposed to dried or canned. I suspect my daughter will start to like Lima Beans because she planted them herself. They are so easy to plant and grow.

Gardening with my daughter is so valuable because it teaches me patience, it teaches her how to follow directions, she’s learning natural science, she’s using her fine motor skills to plant the seeds, and we are getting fresh air and vitamin D.


We are growing food for our table, my daughter is getting hands on learning experiences, and I get to honor a memory of my grandpa knowing that he and I share a common hobby/skill. Will you be growing anything new or for memory sake this year? Please share!

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