Make a Football Messy Bun Beanie (free pattern)

Last year when the messy bun craze took off, I sampled so many patterns and eventually started developing my own as I was particular about the style. So I thought I’d start sharing my patterns for those who are wondering how to create the hats with a hair elastic. So here it is:

This Post Contains Affiliate Links. I only include/recommend products I use and trust.

For this project I used:

Red Heart Worsted Weight (4) Super Saver Yarn in Brown and White

An H (5.0) Hook

No Damage Scunci Hair Elastics


HDC-Half Double Crochet

SL ST-Slip Stitch

CH- Chain

FP HDC: Front Post Half Double Crochet

BP HDC: Back Post HDC

Round 1: Starting with Brown, you’ll loop your yarn under the scunci hair elastic and immediately begin to create HDC s around the hair elastic. Continue until you’ve made 29 HDCs. SL ST to join. CH 2.

Round 2: Crochet 2 HDCs in each Stitch around. Join to the First with SL ST and CH 2.

Round 3: Crochet 1 HDC in the next 4 stitches, then HDC 2. *HDC in next 5 Stitches, HDC 2 in the next*, Repeat * all the way around. Join to the first stitch in the Round with SL ST, CHANGE COLORS TO WHITE (Youtube Tutorial on Color Change) and CH 2.

Round 4: HDC in each stitch around with white, join to the first stitch in the round with a SL ST, CHANGE COLOR back to Brown, CH 2.

Rounds 5-14: HDC in each stitch around using brown, joining with a SL ST at the end of each round and CH 2 to begin each new Round. You may notice your work start to ruffle but it’s okay. The hair tie scrunches the work in but as you fit it to your head it rounds out.

Round 15: Change to white yarn and crochet in each stitch around joining at the end of the round with a SL ST, then change back to Brown and CH 2.


Round 16: HDC in each stitch around, join to the first with a SL ST and CH 2.

Rounds 17-18: HDC FP, HDC BP, Repeat Around. This will create a ribbed look for the rim of the hat. Finish round 17 with SL ST and CH 2, then Finish round 18 with an invisible tie off.

This project would make a great gift for football fan girls in your life!

PLEASE NOTE: You are welcome to use the pattern to create your own hats as gifts or to sell as long as you share no more than 2 photos from this post and link back to my original post. Please always give credit and have integrity out of respect for the author’s original work. While this pattern is free, I may receive compensation from Amazon when readers follow my affiliate links for their own purchases. 🙂 As I am blogging in conjunction with my own home business, every little bit helps. The information in this post is still free to readers.

If you like this pattern and would like to see more, as well as adventures/lessons in my garden, please follow this blog. I’m looking forward to seeing my readership grow!


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