Making the lawn “bloom”

When approaching my landscape, I tend to have less is more approach to grass. My vision includes ornamental plants, more rocks, more mulch, more edibles, more edging, more pavers, more planters, and much less grass! I envision well-planned beds that will be easy to maintain and tiny plots of grass that are quick to mow.

But it takes time and resources to create those spaces.

And a lawn has its purpose.

The lawn is for running around and playing in; it’s meant to be enjoyed.

I have always thought grass is boring…

until now.

I noticed recently while at a park the manicured turf had many dainty yellow flowers growing along with the grass without looking “weedy”. When cut to the ground the flowers still popped up close to the same level as the grass.

I also love the idea of creeping thyme and other alternative lawns.

So I started looking for alternative lawn seed online and I found it.

It’s a blend of hardy drought tolerant (once established) grass seeds mixed with daisy seeds. I shall scatter it over all the bald spots I poured boiling and soapy water over (to kill the pests that ate the grass) and over the bald areas where the builders never laid sod (turns out they laid it in half the yard, as opposed to being waterlogged spots I previously assumed).

Stay tuned to see how the Fluer De Lawn grows as well as learn about herb de lawn!


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