when in Okinawa

When in Okinawa, Get a Pedi (pt2)

“You should get a fish this time.”
“They have a lot if designs but I doubt they have a fish.”
“Oh, they’ll have a fish!”
“I want flowers, you wouldn’t actually want me to get a fish!”
“Will you get a fish? For me?”
“Okay, if they have a fish, I will get a fish for you!”
-Dialogue between Brian and Marissa

Why is it such a big deal to get a pedicure in Okinawa?

After spending half of my chair time at Cocok trying to decide which pretty floral design I wanted…my eyes finally found a fish. “Ok, It’ll make my husband smile,” I thought to myself.

I still got a beautiful hibiscus design on each and every other toe with a butterfly on one big toe and a little Coy fish on the other. The original model for the fish was in an entirely different color scheme but I just simply asked my artist if she could match the color scheme. She did a beautiful job!


And that is why you should get a Pedicure in Okinawa!


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