Why you should only buy onions half as often


Here my friends is a bundle of three onions I found in the ground by my Hibiscus. A few weeks ago I cut an onion top off of a store bought onion. As my friend says, “it was growing hair” in the form of long green leaves. I chopped the hair off and half buried it in the ground then forgot about it. Today I noticed the hair was half brown and leaning over which I’ve heard is a sign that it’s ready. I gently pulled and lifted out if the ground effortlessly as it seemed to slide out. I now have three small onions that were birthed from a large onion.

I like to get the most out of my produce!

Grow on,


3 thoughts on “Why you should only buy onions half as often”

  1. ahh! i bet mine are ready then too! they’re brown and leaning over. this year we let leeks, beni imo, garlic and onions grow hairs and did experimental planting. =) the garlic greens are surprisingly garlicky! any idea when the beni imo will be ready?

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