Odorous, in a Good Way

Give me odorous at sunrise a garden of beautiful flowers where I can walk undisturbed.

-Walt Whitman

I have been having a problem with mosquitoes congregating near my front door and was looking for ways to deter them. Plus, I wanted a plant in my entry way to make it more welcoming. Finally, the solution came to me.

First, I had an unidentified herb that appears to be another type of Chamomile with its feathery leaves and sweet aroma. I attempted to plant it with a pink polka dot plant, needed a place to put my chives, and was struggling to figure out a way to arrange my citronella plant with other shade tolerant plants for my front door.

Here are the plants before:

DSC03073 Pungent Chives, sweet Chamomile (maybe) with pink polka dots, odorously citrusy citronella, and another herb that I don’t recognize but it smelled minty and flowery at the same time.

Here is the after:

DSC03074 I read in a book that Chamomile can be paired happily with chives, so I did just that. This no doubt will be a nice compliment in my cooking.

DSC03075 The Citronella is paired now with pink polka dot for color and a fragrant creeping herb to trail over the sides. Relaxing underneath the arrangement is my favorite gnome, Felix. I named him after my grandpa who inspired me to garden and truly taught me the meaning of self-sufficiency and innovation. This jolly gnome always manages to bring a smile to my face with his laid back mannerism.

Hopefully as the new plant arrangement settles, it will grow together nicely. I also hope it grows more fragrant and the mosquitoes hate it. We’ll see. In the meantime, I have also clipped some stems off of this existing citronella in hopes that I will be able to propagate them into more citronella. It takes about four weeks for roots to form so we’ll know by then if the propagation works.

I think when Walt described his desire to be undisturbed as he walked through the garden, he must have been referring to mosquitoes. I’ll take that garden too, please.


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