Another sprout update


Now my friends, all seeds have sprouted except for our beloved Jalepenos! (My husband laid hands on them and said a heartfelt prayer this morning). If they don’t sprout soon I might need to try again with fresh seeds. The good news is, we have yellow pear tomato, speckled roman tomato, tomatillo, better boy tomato, and poblano peppers! Once they get their second set of leaves they will be transplanted outside where they will join “Okinawa Vegetable.” They will also be placed directly into the soil (still in eggshells) as the eggshells will compost and provide calcium.

Happy gardening!



2 thoughts on “Another sprout update”

  1. Love it. You know, I have enjoyed everywhere the Lord has taken us in these 46 years! My philosophy was “Go. That will be the place where the Lord will have you spend the rest of your life.” Of course, that was not the way it worked out, as He moved us several times. What I used to do was find a street and take it as far as it would go to find out what was there. I knew I could always find my way back by turning around 🙂 I had some interesting experiences especially in downtown Atlanta in the 70’s 🙂 Your uncle Danny wondered how I knew so many different ways to get to a place…

    1. Wow Aunt Carmen, I do the exact same thing! (Especially since I can’t read some of the street signs). I take a road at a time. I’m loving it. Thank you for reading my blog, I am so happy I get to share my experiences with you.

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