First sprouts of 2013

Great news! We have sprouts!


The Speckled Roman and Mexican Yellow Pear tomato Seeds are the first to sprout out of the set–they even beat the pepper seeds that were planted nearly three days earlier. These are an heirloom variety of vegetables. I bought the seed packet for the Speckled Romans from Whole foods and the Yellow Pear Tomatoes where imports from Mexico that I ate but I saved the seeds first. I obtained both varieties last year with hopes that I can grow them.

When planting seeds you need to plant 2-3 seeds in each spot to ensure at least one will sprout; but when more than one sprout you have to separate them or else they will all be weak stalks. You have to try and decide which one is the strongest.

For now I will just be grateful for the miracle of new life!

Happy Gardening,


4 thoughts on “First sprouts of 2013”

    1. Thank you! I saw it done before but my added touch was writing on the egg shells so that I remembered which seeds were which. If I understand correctly, the egg shells prevent slugs from coming near the seedlings because they don’t want to cut themselves.

  1. Yay! So amazing to see the miracle of life at work! 🙂 I was conducting a little experiment with sprouting squash seeds this week, some in soil and some in wet paper towels. It looked like the dirt method was winning by a mile, but this morning I woke up to three super-sized squash seedlings poking out of the paper towel!

    1. I know, it’s amazing how creation works. I actually know someone who placed some apple seeds in a saucer with literally drops of water and they sprouted. One thing I have noticed is that the New Testament using a lot of gardening metaphors to explain Spiritual Principles. Just looking at the Parable about good soil is very informative when trying to grow something. That would definitely be something to think about while watching this experiment 😉

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