Wrong Turns and Second Chances

“The Lord really blessed us today” said Brian. “Yeah, cause we did everything wrong!” Said Marissa

Have you ever been on a less than perfect vacation? You know what I’m talking about. You forget cash and get stuck on a toll road. You are going to the beach all day without sunscreen. You arrive at your destination only to find that all the rental cars in the city are gone. So you throw your hands in the air and say, “it’s an adventure!” Right?

Well my husband and I are on one big adventure and can’t help but stop for mini adventures along the way whilst on our pre-change-of-duty-station vacation. The destination? Texas, our home state. Current mini adventure? South Padre Island. Expectations? Sunny Texas Spring Weather and peaceful mid week environment. Reality? Cloudy with winds of 20 miles per hour and college students still on spring break livening up the hotel. Am I complaining? Not too much. I’ve seen some really cool birds, I’m getting outside, and we have encountered a good bit of grace along the way.

For starters, we misread the directions and by the time we rerouted a few hours were added onto our trip. But then on our alternate route, we saw a Roadrunner, a Caracara, Hawks, and a rustic Texas scenery we would have missed if it hadn’t been for our detour.

Next, we discovered that there was a birding and nature center right across from our hotel. When you see as many birds as we did on a bad weather day, you know it’s a good place.

Then, towards the end of our day we drove down to the beach. Apparently the wind blew the sand dunes into the road and we starting driving into some sand. We were too bold and managed to get the tundra stuck in the sand! I thought, “help us Lord” when a jeep with two Hispanic men pulled up. They said something to Brian in Spanish and then without further comment backed their vehicle up close ours, tied heavy duty rope bands to each vehicle, instructed Brian to back his truck up while they also backed there’s up, and within seconds we were out of the sand. There are few times in my life that I can recall having a prayer answered so quickly. What you have to understand is that we were in an isolated place and it was miraculous that they were driving by just then!

I told the men, “perdoname, pero mi espanol no es bueno, pero muchas gracias para ayudar!” Translation: “forgive me, my Spanish isn’t very good but thank you so much for your help!” They said that it was okay and to have a good day!

It was then that we said that the Lord still blessed us after we did so many things wrong. This was a humorous silver-lining take on the day!

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